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Handmade leather goods.

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Who are we?

Rawfind is a close collaboration between Fiona de Wert and Aiste Stancikaite, producing contemporary leather goods inspired by a love for simplicity, clean lines and perfect functionality.

Every item is carefully hand crafted in our Berlin studio. From pattern making and material selection to the photography and visual direction, we take pride in perfecting every detail of the creative process.

We believe in slow, sustainable craft, allowing each individual item to tell its own story and represent our creative values.


Our leather

Our new Jet Black Collection is made using the finest Italian vegetable tanned leather. This traditional, slower method of tanning has been in existence for thousands of years. It uses the natural tannins found in tree bark and other vegetable matter, and no additional chemicals.

Our Original Collection uses natural, undyed vegetable tanned leather from Belgium. With exposure to sunlight and the natural oils from your hands, it will develop a rich caramel colour and beautiful patina.

We choose full grain hides that are full of character, leaving the naturally occurring imperfections as visible features of our products. Over time, the leather will soften and stretch a little to fit its contents like a glove. 

Each item is finished with a careful application of pure neatsfoot oil mixed with natural, British beeswax. This nourishes the leather as well as forming a protective layer with a subtle sheen. We cut our edges straight and square, burnishing them by hand with pure beeswax to increase their water resistance and durability.


Thread & Elastic

Each item is completely hand stitched using a traditional saddle-stitch method, which is actually stronger than the typical lock stitch created by sewing machines. 

We use a waxed, braided polyester thread specifically made for hand stitching. It’s extremely durable and very resistant to sun damage and the general wear of being in bags and pockets. 

Our Original Collection products incorporate an elastic strap for fastening. Although it will withstand the rigours of daily use, we know that the leather will eventually out-live the elastic. We therefore offer a free elastic replacement service should it eventually wear out, become over-stretched or break. 

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